3 Mistakes To Avoid When Doing SEO

internet-marketing-through-seoSEO leaves no room for errors and woe to the business owner that doesn’t heed the rules set forth by Google. The reality is that very few people know how Google does things, let alone how they can rank on the first page of results. Without getting into the exact details of how Google works, there are certain SEO tactics that we know for a fact that all search engines frown upon. Below, you will find information our Denver SEO partner has shared with us and we now share with you:

1. Paying For Your Backlinks

There was a time when you could get away with paying for backlinks, but if you’re attempting to do this in 2016, be prepared to be banned by Google. Search engines are cracking down on websites that have fake or purchased backlinks, and as search engines become more sophisticated, the possibility of losing your site’s place in results is very real.

2. Not Submitting To The Right Directories

Submitting to link directories can be a hit and miss, but if you end up submitting your website to the wrong ones, you could be penalized by Google. Directory websites that host low-quality links are likely to be banned from search engines altogether, therefore, you need to know what you’re submitting and where.

3. No Article Spinning

You need great content if your website is going to rank well. A few years ago, you could submit spun articles that had very little content or coherent words and still rank– not anymore! Search engines are checking for quality content, and they will ban people that are openly submitting nonsensical or stolen content.

Black hat SEO practices are no longer staying under the radar. Instead of attempting to take the cheap and easy way out, invest some real time and energy into SEO, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

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