How to invest in real estate in 2016

real estate Real estate investment  is said to be one of the best investments  when it comes to growing one’s portfolio, with that said investing in real estate helps to enhance it. The rental property, especially the myth of the leverage that is attached to it, is the first reflex for any investor wishing to make “wealth management”.The  “green” real estate and “energy performance of buildings” become essential aspects for the buyer and tenant of a home or a commercial property (offices in particular). More than a fad, comfort and lower operating costs attached to the energy quality of the building becomes a major criteria that the investor must anticipate.

In a recent study, some professionals believe that prices can vary by 25% depending on the energy performance of the building.  “The property prices impacted by the energy performance of the building’s green value in property prices”..
Investing in real estate in 2016, it is necessary to anticipate these latest energy standards to maintain the heritage value and quality of future income from your investment. So it will become a necessity in the fight against energy obsolescence housing_marketof your building and maintaining its  potential rental.

You will need to accurately quantify the cost of the necessary energy standards put to work and if necessary to lower the purchase price to ensure a satisfactory profitability or cost after labor. Have no doubt, you will need whatever happens to these medium-term work to fight against the depreciation of the value of your investment, much to anticipate from the acquisition and incorporate into your purchase price.
The good thing of the collaborative economy, or  the economy of shared ownership, should also fundamentally change the way we perceive and consume real estate assets.
You must anticipate this new mode of consumption before investing in real estate. As it’s detailed in this article ,after green real estate, the collaborative is the second thing that’s going to revolutionize the real estate market, so do not underestimate the impact of collaborative real estate on offer and the housing demand and thus rental demand or on property values.

Tomorrow, the house prices could be affected by the emergency of these new ways of consuming real estate. At the forefront of these trends include the disaffection announced on second homes, or perhaps even some residential services such as residential business.

The sharing  of a property commonly called collaborative real estate, could have major consequences on the real estate market. The second home market which is typical of these markets will be completely overwhelmed by the collaborative economy. Why own  an expensive residence and without perspective of surplus value, just to use it only six weeks per year, while it might seem easier to rent one at a very low rate  without any constraint ?